Makupula Secondary School is located in the township of Kayamandi which is approximately 3 kilometres from the center of Stellenbosch. The school draws most of its students from the township and immediate locale.

Historically only one high school existed in Kayamandi. The old Kayamandi High which was situated on the school grounds that now make up Makupula High served Grades 8 through 12. With approximately 1475 students, overcrowding was an issue and the decision was made to build another school. In 2008 the new school was completed within the township and the old Kayamandi high school was renamed Makupula High.

The school is named for Makupula, the street where it is located. Makipula High is a business oriented school that teaches primarily business oriented subjects such as: Economics, Tourism, Accounting, Business Studies and CAT. In contrast the new Kayamandi High is a science focus school and teaches subjects such as physical and life sciences.

Most learners come from poor households. The community struggles with a high unemployment rate. About 60% of the learners live in “informal” houses.

The majority of learners speak Xhosa (pronounced H-O-S-O). Xhosa are African people traditionally living in the Eastern Cape Province. They form the second largest ethnic group in South Africa after the Zulus.

One issue the school faces is the lack of sports facilities. With the end of aparheid, informal housing cropped up on many of the school’s former sports fields. because of this the school uses municipal sports facilities located many kilometers away.

Makipula is a “no fees” school with support coming from the government and local benefactors. These schools often struggle to provide the infrastructure and quality teaching that tuition sponsored schools provide.

In addition, the school nutrition program caters to nearly all students providing meals while the student is at school.

The current Principal is Mr. C.B. Ndlebe.

Total Learners number over 700.