We kicked off our first “weekend camp” with the first class of Cape Scholars on Friday February 17th at the SCAS (Sport for Christ Action South Africa) Campsite. It’s a great local facility located just on the outskirts of Stellenbosch and very convenient to all of our five schools. All 20 learners were in attendance and from their faces appeared eager and excited to meet new friends, enjoy great food and have fun! Friday began with an icebreaker “dance”.

While the kids were energized 2 minutes were enough for me and Ann….well at least me….. After our warm up and some time for everyone to get settled we split into two teams to have a cooking competition. We made a traditional South African “Potjoekos” (pot food). It is a meal of vegetables, seasoning and meat (pork, lamb, etc) cooked in a big black pot over a fire. We split into two teams to build the fire, prepare the ingredients and cook the meal. I was amazed at how these kids jumped in to make it happen….watching their kitchen skills, chopping, mincing, prepping, etc…. made me feel just a tad inadequate in the culinary department. After about 2 hours of cooking we were done and the results were judged by an impartial panel of judges. After a very close vote…Ann’s team won (was there any doubt?). I thought they both tasted spectacular!!!!!