Ravensmead CEs

Marlene, Karen, Jason, Devonito, Venice, Doresell, Liesel, Mr. Bouman

Today we traveled to the Cape Flats Area to Ravensmead High School where Mr. Joseph Bouman is the Principal.  Mr Bouman is a man of small stature, but giant in terms of his support for this school.  He leads from the front continuing to work in the classroom teaching Mathematics and tutoring on weekends.  He is a big supporter of the kids in the program, impressing upon them their need to give back.  While we were there he told the students how lucky they were to be in the program and to be given help to succeed.  I added to his comments by saying that our purpose isn’t just to give away things, like back packs or tablet computers, but that our mission is to help motivated and gifted disadvantaged kids succeed. We equip them with tools to make it easier.    I said  that getting a good education was not the ultimate goal.  The goal was to get a good education so that one was equipped to then come back and improve his or her community.  I pointed out Liesel, a former CE who is now an English and Business teacher at the school and Browyn Wilson a teacher at Emil Weder.  I also hoped one day we’d have a principal who was part of the program. Mr Bouman was proud of the fact that 152 grade 12 students matriculated last year with only 2 not completing. Two of our students are leaders among their grade 12 peers. Jason is “Prefek”, Afrikans for Prefect which means he is the top student in the school, assisted by Doresell who is “Deputy Prefek”.  They are both great ambassadors for their school, communities and The Give A Child A Future Organization. We also thanked Marlene for her tireless support for the Cape Einsteins and the weekend camps where she buys the food, transports it and prepares tasty and nourishing meals..FOR FIFTY PLUS kids!!! When asked what else we could or should be doing, Mr Bouman replied, nothing…” The program is a huge success because it cares about the person, treats him with dignity and builds self esteem….things that many of them do not get at home or anywhere else”…. Very well said!

Mr Joseph Bouman

Joseph Bouman, Principal


Jason (School Prefek)