Dear friends and supporters….today we visited two schools in the Stellenbosch area where we have 11 learners.  We began at Luckhoff a school that is 80 years old with roughly 1200 students. You can view additional information on the school tab with pictures of the students we sponsor.  In addition we spent time at Cloetesville High School, again a school in the vicinity of Stellenbosch, but worlds away from the glitz and comfort of Stellenbosch.  This school is only a few miles from the city center, but in the middle of a high crime  and gang infested area.  The fact that students can thrive and rise above their challenged circumstances is not only testament to their determined spirit, but it is also affirmation to the work of principals, guardians, teachers and mentors.  Comfortably camped in my hotel room in the privileged surrounds of Stellenbosch, I wonder how we can do more to assist these kids as they rise up to be tomorrows leaders of this fragile democracy. I hope our supporters and friends can travel here to see what we see and continue to support our cause.