It is always a pleasure to drive to the seaside town of Hermanus  to visit the learners at Hermanus High.  Principal Greg Hassenkamp runs a wonderful school and the results speak for themselves: 100% graduation rate and 79% Batchelor Pass (University exemption).  The Bachelor’s Pass is the best possible pass level you can achieve, and it qualifies you to study at any tertiary institution in South Africa. Assuming you meet other degree requirements you can get into the school of your choice, unlike the ACT/SAT in the US where every school has different score requirements.  All 5 Cape Einsteins were present and Mr. Hassenkemp spent time talking with the learners about the adjustment from 10th to 11th grade (not upper classmen here, just 11th graders). The curriculum is very much a college prep and the learners are expected to move on to college.  Everybody was busy adjusting to the new year which began less than a month ago. Precious, who is the only 12th grader in her Matric Year is busy with studies and the school play (Melodrama here).  She stays until 6PM most school days then takes a taxi to her home on the outskirts of town.  Most of the learners still live segregated in townships surrounding towns like Hermanus.  Townships are the shanty towns where non-whites were forced to live after being driven from their homes during apartheid.  In the 21 years post apartheid things have improved with better housing, but the pace of change is still painfully slow for many in these shadowy fringe cities.  The biggest complaint from the learners is their inability to study because of noise outside their homes. They all very much appreciate the camps and feeling of camaraderie they get from being with others experiencing similar issues.  All in all great school with great leadership….I only wish all schools could be like this one!

Zola,Mr Hassenkemp, Thando(rear) Ibanathi (rear), Precious, Sinoxolo

Zola,Mr Hassenkemp, Thando(rear) Ibanathi (rear), Precious, Sinoxolo