Today Ann, I and Florance attended an assembly at Kylemore High School.  This school is located in the town of Kylemore nestled in wineland between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. It is a town of about 4000 people with chronically high unemployment totally dependent upon the agriculture industry in the area.  The school has approximately 850 learners.  Incredibly nearly 700 are bused in daily.  Last year Kylemore graduated only 75% of its 12 graders.  Just recently a new principal was appointed, she is Carin Venter.  Carin has many ideas on how she plans to improve the matric rate.  We introduced her to the Cape Einstein program and explained how it works providing assistance to both schools and learners.  At the morning’s assembly Carin introduced us and asked that we make a few remarks to the student body.  Because Florance’s Afrikans is better than mine (both words) he spoke about the program recognizing Nathaly Massias, our Cape Einstein at Kylemore. In addition since Florance matriculated from Kylemore and still lives in the community it was a little like old home week..his little brother still goes to school there as well.  After Florance finished Nathaly spoke to a lot of applause…since it was in Afrikans, I have to assume it was all good! or at least funny!!! Afterward we spent some time with our guardian there Madeline Hess and finally departed for Fraschhoek.  We head to Bishop Lavis High School tomorrow and will update you when we return.


Florance, Ann, Principal Carin Venter


Ann, Guardian Madeline Hess, Florance


Cape Einstein, Nathally Massias

Cape Einstein, Nathaly Massias